Monday, January 10, 2011


How do you get past being self-conscious? I want to start a project, one that encompases my photography and poetry, but I am a little intimidated by the process. Getting it started is not the issue, I have already done that. It is more an issue of showing it to others and leaving it open for the opinions that follow.

It seems silly to me that I would even allow doubt to be an issue here. I am trying to go back to grad school and that is not the least bit intimidating, even coupling it with a change in career. Showing people my poetry, especially coupled with photography is hooking me up. I hate to think that for even a moment I would start shooting with the idea of what other people will see or write with any worry of how other will accept it- I would just stop both or second guess myself into the grave.



The water is poured and the glass is placed.
I notice the water drops on the counter.
The light marks the space and small colours appear.
I listen to what you tell me
and see that everything has changed.
The water and the light whisper it to me
while I try to stay in my seat.

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