Saturday, January 8, 2011

7/365 (Distraction)

There is no escape from distraction for me anymore. Every time I try to do something or think in a straight line I am derailed by one thing or another. This is an endlessly frustrating challenge for me. I find it draining and tiring and after a day of it I have no patience. Phones always ring the moment I have my hands full doing something that requires my full attention. The exact moment I decide to start a knitting project and need to count stitches and lay a correct foundation for it someone in the house decides that now is the time they need a question answered in the other room.

I end up having to do the same things over and over and over again because I get interrupted and distracted all the damn time. If something takes more than 30 minutes it will never get finished. How could it? Everyone has something that needs my attention now. They know that this is the 12th time I have started and pulled out the same knitting because of repeated interruptions but they just keep coming at me. I put my project down until everyone is doing something engrossing in hopes of having a few minutes to do something... but no. Suddenly someone needs something right this moment.


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