Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Same Same

Which is which? It is all there, in each element. Can you see it? Thich Nhat Hanh, the brilliant Buddhist monk from Viet Nam, teaches wonderfully about how if you look at something deeply, you can see the whole world in it- the sunlight in the leaves, the river water from Argentina in the clouds, the tree in the blue of the sky... it is all the same, we just entertain ourselves by seeing it all differently. Sometimes I try to find me in the tree, sometimes, the tree in me- all the same.

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Kat said...

beautiful. i recently heard that the meteorological society has discovered some strange new clouds that don't fit the regular language of clouds. that is, they don't behave like one would expect clouds to behave, ie they carry moisture but don't drop it in rain, they move mysteriously with almost self-directedness, they switch polarity, etc. it got me to thinking about the 'language of clouds' and continued on to the language of trees, flowers, me, you, everything. we may not all speak the same language but we all speak a language.
isn't that a face in the clouds? is it today's self portrait?