Friday, March 11, 2011


As people try to survive the unimaginable in conditions straight from the part of Hell reserved for those who did nothing worse than live, there are those who think the rest of the world was made for their convenience.

I Know I Am A Selfish Fuck...

This man yelled his way out of a much deserved ticket and then came back into the cafe to gloat over his victory.

To the people of Japan, and Haiti and Libia... I apologize that the people of my country frequently show such little respect for life. Such little awareness of how lucky they are to live here. Such minuscule regard for even the most basic aspect of civilized behavior.


Anonymous said...

prettty sure whether or not the guy got a ticket didn't affect their lives one teensy bit.

Adrienne Johnson said...

It all comes back. Living a life of self-centeredness is always its worst reward.