Monday, June 30, 2008

Lamaze for Life

We create each other’s reality, every day. What we choose to share (in the moment) creates our current realities, and therefor shapes the reality of the person we share with. With the end of that interaction comes the death of that reality, and indeed, that person. Every interaction is a reincarnation, a chance to be a new person. Every interaction is in fact the whole life cycle- birth, growth, expansion, stasis, retraction, death. We live multiple life times, everyday. When someone thinks about us, we are reincarnated there. We die at the end of the thought.

How do I feel about this? Who have I been today? Mom, protector, commuter, chef, laundress, seeker, referee, pain in the ass, lady that cut me off without her turn signal, drinker of tea... Each of these incarnations has been born, has lived, has died today. Repeatedly.

It makes sense to me why we become less present in our lives. With the scattering of communities, we are each stretched farther and farther to interact every day. For myself, I raise three children, sustain a marriage, maintain a career, juggle friends... every one of these relationships demands different parts of me, and really, different 'Me's'. I am a bit like a telephone operator, jumping from line to line- birth, death, birth, death.... The requirement of breathing, takes on even greater importance.

Somewhere along the line, I learned that the root word for respiration (breathing) is 'espiritu', spirit. When we inspire (breath in) we take in spirit, and let spirit back out to the universe when we expire (breath out). Spirit in, spirit out. We need that exchange of spirit to give us strength to live, and die, every minute of every day. When we pay attention to our breathing, we are recognizing the spirit we exchange with the universe and showing it the respect it deserves. In turn, it gives us the ability to ride through all those birth pains.


Kalsee said...

Yes, focusing on just the breathing is in itself a meditation and one has to take the time to recharge the internal batteries in order to sustain the external demands of life…put aside maybe just 5 minutes to start with and just sit quietly in a space you feel comfortable with. The first minute or two just adjust to the space and observe all thoughts and sensed feelings…hear the background noises, feel the couch or sitting area, close your eyes and observes the darkness, smell the freshness of the air going in and out of your lungs, observe any thoughts that arise and disappear effortlessly as possible…just try to relax and just BE in a present state of NOW.

For the next three minutes or so, consciously slow your breathing down…especially on inhaling and perhaps just release on exhaling. Feel the coolness and freshness of this life giving force…feel the spiritual god given essence of the air itself and you connectivity to it…god in, god out, etc. You are not just your body, you are connected to the universe in many ways…just feel this connectivity.

If this works to calm your mind and thus helps you to re-connect spiritually, just extend the times and go by how you feel…it has to be as effortless as possible and don’t consciously try to do anything but breath…accept all that comes to mind, and release all…indulge the peace and spiritual feelings as they spontaneously arise…never seek with the mind, only observe and receive the feelings that come your way...this develops PRESENCE...b

Adrienne Johnson said...

I love the visual of breathing spirit in and out. It is a bit like being a fish, and breathing water. When i sit in that picture, the wind becomes fascinating. All that spirit swirling around and pushing form around to remind us it is there. Clouds... dense pockets of spirit. Brings a different shine to the world.